Elderly Caring

It is one of the biggest decisions and responsibilities for a family to determine how to provide care for elderly parents or other relatives when they are not able to live independently anymore. Whether you are planning to move your elders in with you to take care of them or consider hiring an assistant to ensure they safely remain home it is always a great idea to get some extra help. Mama & maid will help you to solve this emotionally charged issue by offering sufficient assistance to elders.

Finding high quality elder care and assistance for affordable price can be challenging as there are so many companies that offer this service and you need to insure you choose the right one. You also need to determine what type of care will best fit your elder. We, Mama & Maid are proud to have an experienced and highly skilled team. Each of our staff members friendly and loves elders. We understand that you are looking for a reliable company which will take good care of your elders and treat them with love and respect. We are a customer focused company which offers quality and reliable services.

We offer various Eldercare services and help you to choose the best option during a consultancy. We offer adult day programs during which we supervise and take care of elders in a structured setting during daytime hours. We know that physical and social activities are essential for good overall health and emotional stability. That’s why we provide different engaging activities. More specifically, we give elders an opportunity to participate in structured social and personal activities, receive basic medical and therapy services, or participate in educational programs. We also have assisted living facilities to offer. Our experts team offers comprehensive personal help with activities of daily living and essentially independent living arrangement to elders.

When you are not around and your elder is with us, you can relax because we guarantee that he/she is in safe hands. Our priority is tidiness and we know that you care about it too. We will ensure that your elders are clean and feel happier and more energetic during a day. We also offer house cleaning services like washing and ironing clothes, cleaning rooms and etc.

Our team of professional caregivers in Dubai, have a thorough knowledge of their job. First of all you will have an opportunity to consult with them and discuss which services your elder should get. We take your wishes into consideration, use our experience and knowledge and offer an optimal plan. We use different techniques, skills to help our patients get more sociable, active and happy on daily basis. We offer fun activities like reading, singing, art and craft. We know exactly what kind of attention and care is recommended for elders. We are a customer oriented company which strives to establish lasting relationship. Contact Mama & Maid and give a peace to mind by letting us taking care of your elder.

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