Baby Sitting Services

Do you work a full-time job? Is it strenuous and does it take a lot of your time? If you are looking for childcare services, we at Mama & Maid offer babysitting services to take care of every need when it comes to your children while you are away.

We take pride in our babysitting services with an expert team of babysitters who are experienced, friendly and love children. A reliable babysitting service is not something you can take lightly. You want a babysitter you can depend on, someone who will care for your children and see to them just as much as you will when you are absent. This is what will give you peace of mind.

It is important that your child remains active, busy and sociable while you are away. Young children are in a constant growing phase and it is why our babysitters will engage in an educational yet loving way by using toys, playful activities and stories. We let the parents know of our babysitter's training and knowledge in advance as this is something that comes in handy to help entertain children without letting them get bored or miss you.

When your children are in our care you can relax and be completely free whether you are in office or at a nightly function. We also make cleanliness a priority and understand that it is also something parents are concerned with. Our babysitters will make certain your children are clean and tidy at the end of the day. They will also tidy up their rooms and wash and iron their clothes. Our babysitters will also make sure the toys are washed regularly and kept neatly in the play area.

Our babysitters are experienced and are involved in all aspects of childcare, which provide complete care from bathing to dressing to preparing healthy meals. They will also use their up to date knowledge, skills and techniques to further develop the child through play. They will engage with your child through fun activities like reading, singing, art and craft and other learning opportunities.

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