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Winter Cleaning – 5 Expert Tips from Our Maids in Dubai

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Thank goodness, summer is over. Apart from the heat, the sunny, dry and windy season is known to come with its fair share of dust and dirt that hide out of plain sight.

The ideal way to welcome the winter in all its calmness is to engage in a thorough cleaning exercise. To do this, you may need the services of professional maids in Dubai. Or you can do it yourself if you have got the time and energy.

To help you get started, we asked some of our maids in Dubai for advice and below are their tips for maintaining a healthy, clean home this winter.


Deep Clean the Kitchen

As long as the food tastes good and the counters look neat, who cares about what is happening behind the counters? Your health and that of your family does care.

It’s common for us to wipe down our kitchen counters every other day but deep cleaning is something we rarely do, probably due to lack of time and the strength.

This winter, it would be nice if you can create time to deep clean the kitchen drawers and replace drawer liners. Remove unwanted wares taking up your kitchen space. Your health will thank you for this and who knows, your food may even taste better.


Flush Out Sink Drains

Cleaning the pipes and sink drains in your house is very important; especially during winter. Clogged pipes often freeze and burst during winter leading to expensive damage repairs. An inexpensive way to flush out sink drains is to use hot water, white vinegar, and lemon juice. Baking soda also does the job perfectly.


Declutter your rooms

Dust and dirt usually settle in places that your eyes can’t reach. To maintain a clean, healthy home during the winter, try decluttering the rooms in your house. Remove unwanted furniture, clothes, and appliances. You may even donate to charity; an amazing way to be both healthy and benevolent


Wash and Disinfect Garbage Cans and Wastebaskets

Garbage cans and wastebaskets may be for wastes and garbage, but they shouldn’t be left entirely dirty; else they would grow moldy during the long winter season.

So, take them outside and get the inside and outside thoroughly washed. For a safer way to this, use water from a garden hose, stiff bristle brush, and disinfectant like the regular bleach, then leave under the sun to dry.


Wash and Disinfect Toilet Brush Holders

If you toilet brush holders are constantly left unwashed, sooner than later they may start spreading germs instead of washing them away.

So, take the toilet brush holders in your house outside and blast them very well with a garden hose, then soak them in a bucket of hot water mixed with bleach or vinegar, or an environmentally-friendly washing soda. Then allow them to dry under the sun for some hours.

Keeping your home clean and decluttered this winter would help you and your family to enjoy a healthy winter.

If you can’t find the time to do that, you may consider employing the services of professional maids in Dubai.

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