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Top 5 Health Benefits of Hiring Professional Maids in Dubai

Hiring Professional Maids in Dubai

As busy parents we spend most of our time working, cooking, and looking after our children, leaving little time for cleaning. Hiring professional maids service ensures that important chores are taking care of, as at when necessary. But that is not all. If you look at it from another angle, hiring maids service can also have some health benefits.


Keep Allergies Away: Skin and eye allergies are a common condition among children and adults. And our homes often have crevices and hidden angles where bags of dust and other allergens can settle. Hiring professional maids service goes to ensure that all angles in your home are cleaned using High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter vacuums. This can help to make sure that all dirt, dust particles, and other allergens such as pollen and pet danders are thoroughly removed.


Guarantee Deeper Cleaning: While we clean our house on a regular basis, we rarely do a deep cleaning. That is, scrubbing the bathroom tiles using a sponge, and disinfecting the bathtubs and walls. Hiring professional maids service can help ensure that other areas of the house that are not immediately visible are well cleaned.

Professional maids often come with tools such as long dusters, sponges, vacuums, and specials mops. They also come with disinfectants to decontaminate your bathtubs, toilets, and the floor, leaving you with a safer environment.

Apart from the inner parts of your house, they will ensure that your hallways, furniture, window sills, ledges, mirrors, doors, and woodwork are left sparkling clean.


Keep Mould, Fungi, Infection-causing Agents Away: No matter how good you are at cleaning, getting rid of mold, fungi, and gastrointestinal viruses can be tough; especially in the bathroom. This is even made impossible when you barely have time for deep cleaning.

Hiring professional maids will help you get rid of these infection-causing agents. This is easier for cleaning service company because they usually have the tools and cleaning agents to guarantee clean and germ-free home.


Reduce Fatigue and Stress: Trying to balance your work and family life can be daunting. Adding chores will only leave you chronically stressed which is detrimental to the health. If you want to be able to create time for your loved ones and still maintain the sanity needed to deliver at your place of work, hiring a professional maids service can help.

A professional maid service will ensure that you have a neat, germ-free home to bond with your loved ones at the end of the day’s work. Failure to that, you may find yourself failing to satisfy either of the two parties. Or the two may end up suffering.


Keep the Kitchens Clean and Hygienic: When was the last time you cleaned the back of your kitchen cabinets, and the underneath. These hard to reach areas are the perfect breeding grounds for germs. Professional maids know to reach these areas with special mops as well as disinfect your kitchen sink, counters, and the floor.

If you value your health and that of your family members, hiring professional maids service is something you should invest. In Dubai, Mama and Maid is the number one maid services company for homes and offices. You can reach us at +971 4 224 2271 or

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